Tuesday Afternoon 30th June 2020


Moppers blues – Muddy Waters

Right Place, Wrong Time – Dr John

Who Can I Be Now – David Bowie

Get Out – Chvches

Crave – Nuno Bettencourt

Hip Today – Extreme

Rock N Roll – Led Zeppelin

The House We Used To Live In – The Smithereens

Blockbuster – The Sweet

Eggman – The Beastie Boys

Modern Man – Arcade Fire

Johnny Come Home – The Fine Young Cannibals

Shake It Out – Florence And The Machine

Walking After You (X Files Movie Version) – Foo Fighters

You I Know – Jenny Morris

Eradicate – Wishful Thinking

(Language warning)

Finally High – Liz Longley

Switches – Washington

Everybody Rise – Amy Shark

Between The Raindrops – Ponyface

Tomorrows Dust – Tame Impala

The Shining Darkness (Album version) – All India Radio

The Shadow Knows – David Axlerod

Might Night In A Perfect World – DJ Shadow

Carosel – Doves

Audio File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ezwxvt9y49gq220/TuesdayAfternoon30062020.mp3?dl=0

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