Capt Argo’s 24 Hour streaming radio station appeal.

I would like to start a 24 hour radio station. Where I can regularly play a unique mix of music in general and also be able to do live radio shows with live announcing and have interviews and acoustic performances as well. I already have the equipment. I just need to raise money for the Mixlr Streaming Audio system, professional streaming package. Its the one thing I can never afford to be able to pay for myself.

Who am I? I am a 46 year old Man from Melbourne Australia, I am unemployed, although I do volunteer at a local radio station. I have metal health disabilities, I have a schitzo effective disorder, which is like having Schizophrenia and Bi polar, the schizophrenia symptoms are under control, with medication so I don’t have paranoia, hallucinations or episodes of pyschosis. The Bi polar part of the disorder means when I am depressed or manic, I can get easily confused and overwhelmed by emotions to the point where I can’t think straight on a bad day. On Good days I seem like a regular weirdo like you.

If you become a listener or are already familiar with the work I do and have heard my community radio work already. You will directly benefit from a specially curated listening experience.

It would mean a great deal to me if we could raise the money in a couple of months time, I feel a bit weird about setting this up in the first place, because I always am suspicious of others who use crowd funding for dodgy purposes. I would be grateful for the help as this is something I am very uncomfortable in doing.

Also in helping you will get to have a say in some of the music you want to hear more of and less of (within reason)

please click on the link to go to the go fund me page.

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