Easy like a sunday 23rd Feb 2020

I have started a new radio show which focuses on low key, laid back instrumental and chill out styled music. It is a rock free zone.


Space golf – Tipsy

Rabbit In Your Headlights – Unkle

Magnetic Fields part I – Jean Michel Jarre

Charcoal Lane – Courtney Barnett (with Paul Kelly)

Never Surrender – Corey Hart

Welcome To The Boom Town – David & David

Les Miserables Suite – Michael Ball and Alfie Boe

Machines – Georgio Moroder

Here’s My Heart – Pat Benetar

Love Kills – Freddie Mercury

Harlem Nocturne – Mantovani & Orchestra

You only live twice – Mantovani & Orchestra

Paranoid Android – Rock a bye Baby

Smells like teen spirit – Rock a bye Baby

More than this – Roxy Music

Does anybody know what time it is? – Chicago Transit Authority

The killing of Georgie Parts I &II – Rod Stewart

Letting The Cables Sleep (Nightmares On Wax Remix) – Bush

La Femme de Argent – Air

Goreki – Lamb

For an audio stream or to download a recording of the radio show.

Click here

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