Tuesday Afternoons 14th January 2020

On this weeks program expect the usual mixed bag of music from all across time. As per usual.
Miss Martha King – BB King
Diamonds On The Inside – Ben Harper & the innocent criminals
Head In the Girl – Big Wreck
Josephine – Chris Cornell
Lost In Yesterday – Tame Impala
Too Bad – Rival Sons
Hello Me – Vanessa Amarosi
SoulBrotherTruckinOn – The Badloves
Evidence – Faith No More
Addicted To Love – Garth Brooks
Hot In The City – Billy Idol
Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics
Witchta Lineman – Johnny Cash
Rusty Cage – Soundgarden
Boys Of Summer – The Ataris
Down From The Sky – The Clouds
Take California – The Propellaheads
Setting Sun (Feat Noel Galigah) The Chemical Brothers
The Summer Wind – Frank Sinatra
Beautiful Day – U2
Running On Empty – Jackson Browne
Down To The Waterline – Dire Straits
Hello America – Def Leppard
Never Say Die – Chvches
Click here for streaming audio or mp3 download

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