3rrrfm mini Archive

What you will find in the link below is a dropbox folder of audiofiles I collected from 3rrrfm when I volunteered there as a graveyard presenter.

1 File is of a morning of the breakfasters with the FeeBSquared, Stu Farrell and Lauren Clarke line up. It was recorded during the radiothon 2013 campaign where I also volunteered as a phone answer for the breakfasters time slot and the the theme was “Join The Party” And It also happened to be my 40th birthday that day too.

Another File is of the very first episode of FeeBSquared new solo program called Maps which she started after leaving the breakfasters with many years of service.

Another file is a recording of Jon Von Goes Radiomethod’s program which would put on an annual Outside Broadcast for Barbecue Day 1 Dec 2013 at near by Ceres Park in East Brunswick Melbourne Victoria. All of the songs are performed live and are parody songs to do with cooking meat and eating together as a celebration of community.

The Last file was recorded Boxing Day 2013 when Leaping Larry L filled in on the rock music program Respect The Rock while regular host Nicole Tadpole was away for the holiday period. Larry has had other music and talk shows on the station for many years in his own right, like All Over The Shop (with Stew Farrell) Its Clobbering Time (playing his taste in 70’s 80’s and 90s rock music. And Lets not forget that he was integral in 3rrrfm’s 80’s comedy trio Danger: Low Brow

3rrrfm Mini Archive folder on dropbox

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