MDAW2 Blogcast 16/02/2016


(Blogcast Intro Chatter)

Nothing Left To Borrow – The Jayhawkes (Tomorrow The Green Grass)

First Love Song – Laura Jean (Selftitled Album)

Caroselarbra – Led Zeppelin (In Through The Out Door)

The River – Adam Lester (Daylight)

Updraft – Christopher Sprake Band


Man Out Of Time – Elvis Costello (The Best of Elvis Costello)

Rocket Man – Elton John (Greatest Hits)

Weighted By Guilt, Crushed Into A Diamond – He Whose Ox Is Gored (The Camel The Lion The Child)

Recalculate – Paul Colman (Recalculating Ep 1)

Faith Hope & Love – Paul Colman (Recalculating Ep2)

Demolition Man – The Police (Ghost In The Machine)


Normandy – Project 86 (Rival Factions)

Set Them On Fire – Postvorta (Beckoning Light We Set Ourselves On Fire)

The Calling – Stryper (Fallen)

Tears Like Diamonds – The Sword (High Country)

(End Chatter)

Stream to listen or download the audio from Here

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