A Bad Night Out (Audio Collage/ Mixtape in 4 parts)


Part 1 Stream or Download Here
Rock Around The Clock – Bill Haley
(Dialog from American Graffiti)
Stephens Last Night In Town – Ben Folds Five
(Segment from Parker Lewis Can’t Loose)
My School – Galactic Cowboys
(Segment from Black Books)
Moonlight Medicine – Ride

Part 2 Stream Or Download Here
(Segment from DaZed and ConFused)
We’re An American Band – Grand Funk Railroad
(Another Segment from DaZed and ConFused)
Hurricane – Bob Dylan
(Segment from Oceans 11)
Five Card Stud – Ace Frehley
(Segment from Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure)

Part 3 Stream Or Download here
(Segment From Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure Continued)
King Of The Nighttime World – Kiss (Alive)
(Segment from Northern Exposure)
What’s He Building In There – Tom Waits
(Segment From Dark City)
Overkill – Men At Work
(Segment from Detroit Rock City)
Venus And Mars/Rock Show – Wings
(Segment from Almost Famous)

Part 4 Stream or Download here
(Segment from Almost Famous Continued)
Girls Girls Girls – Motley Crue
(Segment from High Fidelity)
Bad Moon Rising – Credence Clearwarter Rival
(Another Segment from High Fidelity)
Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting – Elton John

One response to “A Bad Night Out (Audio Collage/ Mixtape in 4 parts)”

  1. excellent work.
    Hope you are still out there having fun.

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