Jase Stuff MIxed CD/Tape Project

Angels in Demons Shoes


Frail – Waikiki

(Dialog from Forrest Gump)

Dear God – Paul Colman Trio

Stay (Far Away So Close) – U2

(Dialog from Dogma)

In The Arms Of The Angels – Sarah McLachlan

(Dialog From Dogma)

Where I End And You Begin – Radiohead

Spirit In The Sky – The Badloves

(Speech from Keeping The Faith)

Change My Ways – Antiskeptic

(Speech from Gladiator)

Eternal Life – Jeff Buckley

(Dialog from Contact)

Holy Man – Blind Melon

(Speech from The Apostle)

Why Me Lord? – Johnny Cash

(Dialog From Black Books)

Selling Jesus – Skunk Anansie

Sinner – Neil Finn

My Own Prison – Creed

(Dialog From Good Will Hunting)

Forgiven – Ben Harper

(Dialog and music from O’ Brother Where Art Thou)

Watergrave – Atomic Opera

Download this mixed CD Project with this link Angels in Demons Shoes Mp3 (Link Renewed 15.10.2018)

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