Angels in Demons Shoes


Frail – Waikiki

(Dialog from Forrest Gump)

Dear God – Paul Colman Trio

Stay (Far Away So Close) – U2

(Dialog from Dogma)

In The Arms Of The Angels – Sarah McLachlan

(Dialog From Dogma)

Where I End And You Begin – Radiohead

Spirit In The Sky – The Badloves

(Speech from Keeping The Faith)

Change My Ways – Antiskeptic

(Speech from Gladiator)

Eternal Life – Jeff Buckley

(Dialog from Contact)

Holy Man – Blind Melon

(Speech from The Apostle)

Why Me Lord? – Johnny Cash

(Dialog From Black Books)

Selling Jesus – Skunk Anansie

Sinner – Neil Finn

My Own Prison – Creed

(Dialog From Good Will Hunting)

Forgiven – Ben Harper

(Dialog and music from O’ Brother Where Art Thou)

Watergrave – Atomic Opera

Download this mixed CD Project with this link Angels in Demons Shoes Mp3 (Link Renewed 15.10.2018)

One response to “Angels in Demons Shoes”

  1. sure would like to download this one

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