Cars And Girls (Happy 4th Of July)

This is one of the Ye Olde Mixed CD Projects that I was talking about reposted:


Cars and Girls – Prefab Sprout
(Dialog from Karate Kid 1984)
Drive My Car – The Beatles
(Dialog from American Graffitti)
Highway Star – Deep Purple
(Dialog from One Crazy Summer)
Fun Fun Fun – The Beach Boys
Mach 5 – The Presidents of the United States Of America
(Dialog from the TV Sitcom Spaced)
Julianne – Ben Folds 5
Caroline – Concrete Blonde
(Segment from Ferris Beullers Day Off)
Sunbury 73 – Chris Wilson
(Dialog from Dude Wheres My Car)
Jesus Built My Hotrod – Ministry
Cadillac Rock Box – Anthrax
(Dialog From Good Will Hunting)
Mean Machine – Sugar Ray
(Dialog from Terminator 2: Judgement Day)
Fast Car – Tracey Chapman
Drive – The Cars
(Dialog From Ghostbusters)
Driving on 9 – The Breeders
(Dialog from Dogma)
Cool The Engines – Boston
(Dialog from Encino Man)
She Drives Me Crazy – Fine Young Cannibals
(Dialog from Goonies)
My Chevette – Audio Adreneline

Mixed CD Project joined Album mp3 can be streamed or Downloaded from here

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