Riding The Diamond 3 Repost with new mp3 links

An Older Mixtape Project. 2 x 43 Min Mp3s one for each side of the figurative Cassette.

The music on this mixtape has been sourced completely from Vinyl releases

Now With Fresh Links


This Is Tomorrow – Bryan Ferry
Outshined – Soundgarden
Ghostdancing – Simple Minds
Rocky Mountain High – John Denver
Chained To The Wheel – The Black Sorrows
Alice – Dick Diver
Day Tripper – Jimi Hendrix
Pleiades – King’s X
A Dreams A Dream – Soul II Soul
All You Zombies – Hooters

Side 1 MP3 Download Click Here


Side 2

Sea Of Heartbreak – Johnny Cash
Two Hearts Beat As One – U2
Is She Really Going Out With Him (Acapella Version) – Joe Jackson
Fixing A Hole – The Beatles
Say Yes – Elliott Smith
Life In A Northern Town – Dream Academy
Are You Old Enough – Dragon
Stiff Competition – Cheap Trick
F.I.N.E – Aerosmith
Youth Gone Wild – Skid Row
Bad Medicine – Bon Jovi
Tie Your Mother Down – Queen

Side 2 MP3 Download Click Here



J.P /Capt Argo

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