The Dark Years Mixed CD Quadrilogy 1 Prelude to a breakdown May 2002


New Technology – Waikiki
Words – Doves
Have You Ever – Incubus
The Test – Chemical Brothers
Monsters – Something For Kate
Dope Nose – Weezer
Dead Set – Sevendust
Safety – Ty Tabour
Side – Travis
Fly – Jars Of Clay
Still Listening – Third Day
You Are – Soul Frame
Hope Is Where The Heart Is – Seraphs Coal
Eple – Royksopp
I Am The King – The Jelly Jam
Without You – SilverChair
Ghetto – Payable On Death
Traitor – Compliments Of Gus
Love Foolosophy – Jamiriquai

MP3 Download: (Link Renewed 15.10.2018)

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