MDAW 2 Blogcast 09 03 2015


The audio quality is a bit patchy on this one there is a bit of distortion where I have fudged the levels in post production, Apologies I will try to get this sorted in future casts :?)


Ted’s Waltz – Beth Orton (Daybreaker Album)
Oh Isabella – Clutch (Earthrocker Album)
Kelpy Blues (Instrumental) – Laura Jean (
Frequencies – Katie Herzig (Walk Through Walls Album
I’m So Afraid – Fleetwood Mac (Selftitled album. Due to midshow tech prob I had to Shazam this track later)


Mamma Said Knock You Out – LL Cool J


No Time for Dreaming – Charles Bradley (No Time for Dreaming Album
We Are The World – USA For Africa (


I Used Ta Love Her – Guns N Roses (Lies Album)
If It ain’t Got That Swing – Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga (Cheek to Cheek Album)
The White (Instrumental) – Compliments Of Gus (The Black and White of it Album
Fooled Around and Fell In Love – Elvin Bishop (Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtrack Album)
Peace – Extreme (Saude De Rock Album)


Dinosaur Boss Battle – Closure In Moscow (Pink Lemonade Album –
(Not sure of track) – Tim Sheil (
Burning Now (Remix) – Robyn Cage (
Hi Rise – The New Pornographers (Brill Brusiers Album


She’s Lost Control – Joy Division (Substance Compilation Album)


Mp3 Download link: Via Dropbox

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