Last Months Graveyard

3rrr fm On Demand Graveyard Sunday 18.01.2015

Doves – Here It Comes
Led Zepplin – Rock N Roll
Archade Fire – Normal Person
Super Melody – Worker Bee
Mantra – Messrs Grohl, Homme & Reznor
Winter Of The Long Summer – Diposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
Jackson Browne – Lawyers In Love
Echo & The Bunnymen – Killing Moon
Paul Colman – The Best Is Yet To Come
The Badloves – I Remember
Front End Loader – Pulse
Courtney Bartnett – Pickles In The Jar
Rhubarb – New York
Even – Rock n Roll Saved My Life
Skyhooks – Livin In The 70’s
Katie Hertzig – Walk Through Walls
Something For Kate – Monsters
Kings X – Pleaides
Compliments of Gus – Underground
Faux Pas – Silverline
White Hex – Sisters
Ponyface – Johnny 99
Jeff Buckley – Eternal Life
Charles Jenkins – Rolling Into Houston
Jon Spenser Blues Explosion – Magical Colours
Wings – Venus & Mars/Rockshow
UFO – Lights Out
Clouds – Down From The Sky
Crowded House – Everything Is Good For You
Rancid – Life Wont Wait
Men At Work – Overkill
Nirvana – Lithium
The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again
He Whose Ox Is Gored – Rumours
Phil Anderson – Between The Concrete And The Sky
Big Scary – Luck Now
Donovan – Sunshine Superman
Sparklehorse – Hammering The Cramps
Neil Young – Powderfinger
Baby Animals – Don’t Tell Me What To Do
Kitchen Knife Wife – Shepherds Bush
Snout – Cromagnon Man
Soundgarden – Blood On The Valley Floor
Antiseptic – When The Night Comes In
Seraphs Coal – I’ll Be Fine
After The Fall – The Fighter
Elliot Smith – Fond Farewell
Frank Hart – Make Everything New
Johnny Cash & Fiona Apple – Father & Son

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