A positive metal and rock mixed CD


Everybody Knows My Name – Bride
Power Of Love – Guardian
King (You are the one) – King’s X
Soldiers Under Command – Stryper
Stage Of Intensity – Barren Cross
Winterland – Atomic Opera
Do Or Die – Bloodgood
Fear Of A Blank Planet – Porcupine Tree
Licking Cream (Feat Skin from Skunk Anansie) – Sevendust
Can’t Get Out – Vengeance Rising
Mystical Thieves – Light Force
Don’t Give Up – Whitelion
Ants – Galactic Cowboys
Free Ride – Audio Adreneline
Alive – Payable On Death
My Will Be A Dead Man – Project 86
Nothing To Say – Antiskeptic

Joined mp3 file for download here

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