My Mums 1978 Mixtape

Recently I was doing a stocktake and unboxing of some personal media on cassettes and minidiscs and I found a tape I had kept from when Dad had a clean up of his old place of Songs that my mum, Dot Patrick recorded illegally off of the radio. That must be where I get the mixtape bug from. so I put it into the car stereo I have set up in the manspace here and boy was I floored, memories came back from early childhood that I had not pondered upon in quite sometime. So I took it upon myself to find remastered audio of these songs and put together this digital mixtape project, which you can download and listen to yourself. Below is a Bonus download of the original tape that mum made with bits of kids talking and Djs back announcing tracks in places. Enjoy.


Side 1 (Download audio file here: Side 1 Mp3

Tear Me Apart – Suzi Quatro
They Shoot Horses Don’t They – Racing Cars
Help Is On The Way – Little River Band
Party To End All Parties – Skyhooks
Gloria – Ray Burgess
Rich Girl – Hall And Oates
Memories – Ted Mullery
Natural Born Woman – Humble Pie
Here We Go – John Paul Young
Walk Right In – Dr Hook
Don’t Give Up On Us – David Soul

Side 2 (Download audio file here:Side 2 Mp3

This Is Tomorrow – Bryan Ferry
Convoy – C.W McCall
I Don’t Wan’t To Talk About It – Rod Stewart
Howzat – Sherbert
Cherchez Le Femme – Dr Buzzards Original Savannah Band
Living Next Door To Alice – Smokey
Get That Jive – Dragon
When I Need You – Leo Sayer
Funny Honeymoon – David Dundas
Brother Loves Traveling Salvation Show – Neil Diamond
How Much Love – Leo Sayer

Hear the original radio recordings here: Radio Mp3

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