Another Blast from the past

The other day I found an old unplayed VHS tape which turned out to have a recording of me doing my 98.9 North West FM Australia Never On Sunday Program on it, from 29 August 1999. It features a very young Chrissie Pearce interview in this episode discussing her first EP Do You Remember?, so I am posting the complete 2 hour program for your listening pleasure: This is rare as it is the only Archived show I have in Stereo.


(Previous Program) Get your Biscuits in the oven – Kinky Friedman

(Station Messages)

Never On Sunday Program ID

Hotel California – The Gypsy Kings

(Talking Intro)

California Stars – Billy Bragg and Wilco

Sweet Child O Mine – Luna


Have you ever seen the rain – Credence Clearwater Revival

Why Does It Always Rain On Me – Travis

If Everybody Looked The Same – Groove Armada

(Station Messages)

Big Smoke – Rebecca’s Empire

Don’t Change Your Plans – Ben Folds Five


I’m Coming Home – Chrissie

(Interview Part 1)

Waiting For Your Voice (Live and Acoustic in studio) – Chrissie

(Station Messages)

Needed God – Chrissie

(Interview Part 2)

Do You Remember (Live and Acoustic in the Studio)

(Interview Part 3)

Searching For Something – Chrissie

(Station Messages)

Dexter – The W’s

Cold Blooded Old Times – Smog


Crunchy Granola Suite – Neil Diamond

Fine Day For A Parade – Fountains Of Wayne


I Wanna Live In Your House – Ty Tabor

Run On – Moby Unforgiven – Creed

(Talking Goodbyes)

When The Sunshine Comes – Even

(Station Messages)


Never On Sunday 29 August 1999 Mp3 Download

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