Well now, its nearly April already

In the last couple of months I have been assisting and completed  a project  preparing hundreds of A4 and A3 sized promotional posters, which were laminated and mailed out, as part of some part time volunteer office work. I am now going to end up getting paid for completing this project. It is good to have that out the way now.

I now have a new part time job which is a proper paying job, where I am training and learning to be a garden maintenance worker on a large private property. I am struggling a little bit with my fitness both mentally and physically at the moment to be able to do this work, but I am well supported by my disability support employment case worker and the owners of the property. It is my resolve to make a good go of this oppertunity and get my life and health (Anxiety Depression and Diabetes) under better control as a result.

Well that’s all for now

Love your guts


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