Jen Cloher’s In Blood Memory

I have recently had the pleasure of picking up a vinyl copy of Jen Cloher’s In Blood Memory album. I have to say it sounds great on vinyl and I was also fortunate enough to meet Jen as she was delivering copies of the album to Record Paradise (15 Union Rd Brunswick, Melbourne 3056) where I made my purchase. Unfortunately I was not able to attend the album launch the weekend before at The Corner Hotel in Richmond. So it was great to meet Jen and have a brief chat and get my copy signed


I can thoroughly recommend the purchase of this album, its a great album of rock songs with soul all the way through, you can pick one up from Milk Records Online Here:

While you’re there pick up some of Jen Cloher’s other work too, its all great.

If you already have all this. Then also check out Courtney Barnett too She has a new Online Single “Avant Gardener” which is a brilliant song in itself, her other work available from Milk Records comes recommended also

All The Best

Jason Patrick

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