Capt Argo Releases a new unoffical Missy Higgins & Butterfly Boucher Remix

Contemplating attempting this project Capt Argo, posed the question To Butterfly Boucher Fans and Butters herself on Twitter, Fans were keen and he went ahead and put the remix together not before, giving the project a few days to breathe before considering what to do with it next. In that time Butterfly Boucher who co wrote the song in question Unashamed Desire, gave Capt Argo the nod of approval on Twitter yesterday. It was only this morning that C.A put some finishing touches to the mix and then made the track available on his Bandcamp page, you can listen to it below. Described as “a hybrid mix of two different recordings by two separate artists of the same song. its a bit rough around the edges, (but) its not a Girltalk quality production however”

Enjoy and listen to it first here:

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