From My Inbox: Christopher Sprake Releases His “Firebird” Ep

I have received and listened to an advanced copy of Christopher Sprake’s New EP “Firebird” and I am really excited for it’s release.

It is a fantastic bunch of tracks and well worth investing in, some great local indie talent here.

I am going to see if I can interview Chris for a special Music Dork Podcast. Stay Tuned

Here is what Chris has to say about it all:

Hey Jason

My new E.P. “Firebird” is now available –
$5 for the digital version, $8 for the limited edition gatefold c.d. (including postage)
You can purchase it here:

You can also watch the preview video here:

This collection of songs came together while I was working on a full album – they represent a slightly more raw and energetic side of my writing. (And yes, there is also a full album on the way…) I hope you enjoy them, and would love any feedback you

And of course if you felt like sharing this with friends it would be most appreciated.


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