3rrrfm Graveyard Shift 11/02/2013



Grimes – Be A Body
Starclub – Let your hair down
Mark Lenegan Band – Grey Goes Black
Arcade Fire – We Used to Wait
Kings X – Ohh Song
Gotye – Smoke and Mirrors
Autumn Sails – Maybe I
Charles Jenkins and Zhivargos – Rollin into Houston
Richard Hawley – Down in the Woods
Sonic Youth – Kool thing
Jeff the Brotherhood – Leave me out
The Sword – Arcane Montane
Paul Colman – Sweet Little Girl
Simeon – Not Calming Down
Adam Lester – Soul Down
Marcus Hayden – Moments of Truth
Elliot Smith – Pretty ( ugly before )
First Aid Kit – It hurts me too
Hoax Funeral – Sleeping with your Ghost
Candy Craig – Mountain Man
Trappers Cabin – The Wandering horse Mirabella
Death Vessel – Later in Life Lift
Micha Blue Smalldon – A Winters Truce
Wormwood Brothers – Just like John Lennon Said
The Adventure Spirit – Daisy
Doves – The Cedar Room
Ari Hest – The Fire plays
Sonnier Brothers – Another Sunrise
Butterfly Boucher – Not Foolin’ Around
Katie Vamderzaag – The Dog Song
Cat Power – Manhattan
Fiction Family – War in My Blood
Sleep Study – Wonderful Way
Super Melody – I Want Your Blood
The New Pornographers – Sweet Talk, Sweet talk
Jen Cloher – M+ Beauty
Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Oh Suzanna
Boomgates – Hanging Rock
Boy and Bear – Part Time Believer
Kitchen Knife Wife – Carob Nights
Porcupine Tree – Black Dahlia
Mute Math – All or Nothing
Lady Hawke – Sunday Drive
Wagon Christ – Musipal
Son Cux – Wither
Ponyface – Silver Tongue
Sons and Daughters – Taste the last Girl
Galactic Cowboys – Hey Mr
Compliments of Gus – 3 day summer romance
Phil Davidson – Between the concrete and sky
Katy Herzig – Best day of your life
Carolyn Oates – Escape the Sun

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