Underrated albums in Metal: Whitelion – Pride

When my highschool friends and I were getting into heavy metal, it was our opinion that some of the best bands, were bands that did not get played on mainstream radio, sure Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and Poison were ridding high. We were more interested in the underdog, bands with attitude and bands that had more progressive musical influences.

Whitelion seemed to be one of those bands that had the kind of attitude that we were looking for and to some degree a lot less make up (than other bands of their ilk). The stand out album for me by Whitelion was their Pride album. With songs about desire, loneliness,  perseverance,  more desire, mythical women with healing qualities, yet more desire, Rock N Roll, child welfare among others. Whitelion were signed to Atlantic Records a major label, if memory serves me well, they were more well known in America than they were known out here in Australia by that I mean they never toured out here. Pride if not anything else will satisfy the inner air guitar hero in you, it has plenty of great guitar solos as well as melodic hooks.

You can listen to Whitelions – Pride album with the following Grooveshark playlist link

Whitelion – Pride Grooveshark Playlist

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