New Blog post series

I think I might be starting to write a series of blog posts about underrated albums in the genre of Heavy Metal with a grooveshark playlist to the whole album. Such is the influence of discovering Sam Dunn’s Vh1 doco series “Metal Evolution” which has been airing on ABC2 TV here in Australia recently. I have also recently watched Sams Doco Films Metal: A Headbangers Journey and Global Metal.

Sam Dunn (born 20 March 1974) is a Canadian musician, film director, and anthropologist whose work focuses on the culture of heavy metal. Together with Scot McFadyen, Dunn owns the Toronto based production company Banger Films, Inc. (From Wikipedia)


As a result of watching these Docos I have been finding myself listening to more heavy metal music in the last few weeks and realised that a lot of these bands I like didn’t get much of a mention in the doco’s so I thought I would write about them and put links up to their music being the music dork that I am.

So Look out for these blog posts to come in the next few weeks. I Will be putting up a few more early 80’s compilation Album blog posts up over the weekend too.

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