For The Ladies

In this mix project, I was inspired to pick songs I liked that were sung by female vocalists from all walks of life.

Supermodel – The Julianna Hatfield Three

Atomic – Blondie

Everglade – L7

Respect – Aretha Franklin

Everybody’s Free to feel good – Rozella

Don’t call me baby – Madison Avenue

The only way is up – Yazz

Its a fine day – Opus 4

Free – Ultra Nate

Hit me with your best shot – Pat Benetar

Baboshka – Kate Bush

I like it Rough – Lady Gaga

My Delirium – Ladyhawke

Safari – The Breeders

Superconnected – Belly

Cherry Bomb – The Runnaways

I Love Rock N Roll – Joan Jett

For The Ladies 58 Min mp3 file




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