Fight Fight Fight!

Fighting is not always a bad thing, sure there is a negative and physicaly violent association with the word fight. You, Me, Carpark/Bike Shed!
But that’s not what I am talking about here, the past few weeks I have been fighting with machinery, technology, nature, my own ego, not to mention your every day garden variety spiritual warfare.
Life can be a struggle sometimes, a fight, a battle. The beastie boys wanna fight for their right to party. In the musical ‘we will rock you’ the characters are fighting their government for the right have more offline/outdoor freedom and freedom from compulsory advertising. In the book and movie ‘The power of one’ P.K fights for racial equality in an oppressive south africa. William Willburforce campaigned in UK parliament to lessen slave trading.
The last couple of examples are all good and justified fights. Fighting for justice and equality is always a worthy cause in my book. In my own experience fighting depression is a daily battle, medication and seasonal counseling are wonderful thing and lessen the struggle. In feeling better about myself it seems to have inspired a creative streak. I am developing some ideas for a story I want to write. It involves a character who becomes a social justice and equality crusader, a modern day Robyn Hood of sorts, who assists the homeless with some very unconventional methods.
In the last few weeks I have also learnt a few lessons about myself and how resolving some spiritual and personal matters through counseling, is a really good thing. It has re-opened my eyes to new possibilities with Gods guidance and strength. I feel like the changes I have encountered and adjusted to have been positive, I feel more connected to God, almost like an operating system upgrade if you like, Holy Spirit OS 3.0. I feel the difference it is making to myself and others around me. Fighting the good fight has never felt so good.

Happy new year!

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