Roadtrip mixtape

So finally making use of this blog, that I have had set up for some time now…
Ka, my dad and myself are heading up to Kyleeann’s parents place in country NSW. Considering my ipod is broken, my imagination has awoken to the intersect/jukebox in my head of songs I haven’t heard for sometime. At this point I am not driving and able to compile this list of songs at stupid o’clock on a saturday morning.
So here we go the next 14 songs are what I would put on a mix CD or ipod playlist if I had the means:

“Rising above the mediocre”
Mirror in the bathroom – The English Beat
I’m an adult now – The pursuit of happiness
Out of season – The almighty
Only – Anthrax
Sparky’s dream – Teenage Fanclub
Jimmy’s Fantasy – Redd Kross
Underwhelmed – Sloan
Tomorrow Wendy – Concrete Blonde
Hold on (No alternative comp remix) – Sarah Maclachlan
River – Joni Mitchell
Sunshine – Julianna Hatfield
Part of Life – Grover Levi
More than kind – Antiskeptic
My will be a dead man – Project 86
Dream in my life – King’s X

All The Best
Jason Patrick (Not the actor)

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